Section 1 职业中介详细介绍,10填空

Section 2 健身馆详细介绍,6地图 4匹配

Section 3 音乐课程探讨,6挑选4匹配

Section 4 古代埃及药品专题讲座,10填空


Section 1



Section 1 Job application enquiry

1. Telephone number (home): 0218819/Diploma: Secondary school

2. Type of job wanted: builder

3. Proficient in language: certificate in English

4. Gardening

5. No transport offered

6. Can work full-time in evenings

7. Previous jobs: painting

8. And hurt his back injuries

9. Gardening and can bring his own tools

10. Date for starting work: 15th October

Section 2


题型:6地图 4匹配填空

Section 2 Burnside fitness centre

11. Locker room - G

12. Woman’s fitting room - J

13. Gym room - H

14. Man’s fitting room - F

15. Squash court - B

16. Fitness machines - build up overall strength

17. Mats exercises - help body flexibility

18. Cycling class - good for lower limbs

19. Aerobic class - increase heart health beat

20. Weight training - keep concentration

Section 3




21 B

22 B

23 C

24 A

25 B

26 C

27 C

28 G

29 F

30 D

Section 4



Section 4 新题(次序不确定)

31. Lists

32. Sugar

33. Sculpture

34. Clean

35. Minerals

36. Resin/Metals

37. Honey

38. Symbols






1. Describe a building you like

2. Describe a public place that you think needs improvements

3. Describe a city or country that you would like to live or work

4. Describe an important river or lake in your country

5. Describe a leisure facility you would like to have in your hometown


Describe a building you like

You should say:

Where it is

What it is used for

What it looks like

And explain why you like it

As for a building I like, I would like to talk about a temple in my hometown.

The temple dates back to the 15th century. Today, a lot of people still go there to pray for good luck and good health. Interestingly, although it’s a holy place, it’s located on the one of busiest streets in my hometown.

But from the moment you enter the temple, you start to feel calm and peaceful. Like most historic buildings in the area, the temple faces south, and the front gate is guarded by two stone lions. As you enter the front hall, you will see four wood sculptures, which are called ‘the Four Heavenly Kings’.

The Great Hall is separated from the front hall with a courtyard where you can see lots of trees and plants. The roof of the Great Hall is supported by tall, thick columns. Inside it, you can see a Buddha statue and statues of his students.

The temple is well-preserved and in good condition. It attracts thousands of tourists each year. And it provides cultural activities as well, including traditional art classes. So besides being a place of worship, it’s also educational and fun.


一、 考题简述:



Passage 1:

题型:Computer games








1. electronics




5. PlayStation

6. females





10. TRUE



13. TRUE

Passage 2:

题型: Architecture and art









工程建筑与造型艺术难相结合的缘故A 2个城市地标工程建筑A




21. F

22. E


23. stone


25. River Severn

26. Michael Rooker

Passage 3:

题目:The theory of evolution and modern business








27. C




31. A


32. N的书里举了有感染力的事例YES

33. NO

34.thereliance of technology causes to emotional problems NOT GIVEN

35. people are more trusting than before NOT GIVEN


36. 更改working environment

37. MBA graduates不敢相信


39. 暂无

40. 暂无




题目:The charts show the total water use in different sectors in Sydney, Australia in 1997 and 2007.

篇幅:150 words

The two pie charts illustrate the percentage of total water use in five different industry sectors including service, food, building, household and manufacturing in Sydney, Australia in two separate years: 1997 and 2007.

Generally speaking, the water use in food industry constituted the largest part in both years and decreased slightly from 48% to 41%; while building industry consumed the smallest proportion, declining from 5% in 1997 to only 2% in 2007.

It should also be noticed that the proportion of water use in service industry showed a dramatic increasing trend, nearly doubled from only 13% in 1997 to 25% in 2007. By contrast, the percentage of water use in household industry and manufacturing industry both fluctuated slightly, ranging from 19% to 21% and 11% to 15% respectively.

Overall, the percentage of water consumption remained relatively stable in food, manufacturing and household industry while fluctuated obviously in building and service





People believe arts like painting and music does not directly improve the quality of life, and therefore they think government’s money should be spent on other things. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Word count(303)

Throughout the history, arts have always been placed in an inferior place compared with other more seemingly more important facets such as education, economy and health care. As intangible arts might be, I still believe that it should be more highly valued by governments because it can make the masses enjoy a better life.

Arts, especially the visual ones, can make cities and towns more visually attractive and spectacular. This is because artists know the tips that can please our brains, and they can employ a variety of shapes, pattern, colors and designs to arouse our aesthetic desire. Moderns cities are a place to demonstrate the function of art because it is ubiquitous to see a host of well-designed advertising pictures displayed along the streets and in the shopping malls; some cities decorate landmark buildings with sophisticated external glass walls. Living in this environment, citizens are likely to be proud of the modernization of the place where they live and their sense of happiness will also be improved.

Other forms of art, such as music, opera, and dancing, can also never be underestimated due to their effect on people’s emotions. Enjoying a piece of light music or immersing themselves in an opera, people’s mind can be soothed; an engaging dance is also likely to help release some pressures because dancers focus on motions and paces, casting the worries aside for the time being. In some developed countries, music and dancing even used as aiding therapy for those who are suffering mental fatigue, considerable stress or even mental disorder.

In conclude, it is quite justifiable for governments to allocate fund to arts even though some opponents who are short sighted and norrow-mined will complain the uselessness of arts. Governments should be visionary, believing their attention and assistance in arts will never be in vain.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: people should not spend a lot of time on communication by technologies, such as through social media or with text messages.

With the development of modern technologies, people today are enjoying communicatingthrough social media and text messages, which is convenient compared to scheduling face-to-face meetings. However, some people argue that people shouldnot spend too much time on communication using technological devices. I totally agree with this viewpoint for the following reasons.

To begin with, communicating through social media reduces the time people meet in real life. Convenient it might seem, in fact, this type of communication couldisolate people from each other. To illustrate, while chatting through socialmedia, we usually choose to type and send text messages, which lacks tones,intonations, and facial expressions to show our feelings. Even if we could useemoji, the emoji still fails to express our true feelings because those symbolsand pictures are identical in everyone’s computer screens or cellphones.Gradually, people will not consider seriously the feelings conveyed by texts and emoji and thus the communications become less effective. For example, somepeople only “like” others’ pictures and sharing on Facebook without any comments. It is inevitable that people feel more and more isolated from eachother by simply “liking” each other’s postings online without meeting inperson.

Moreover, always sticking to our cellphones or sitting in front of computers is harmfulto our physical health. For instance, many people have found themselves sufferingfrom muscle pain because of a sedentary lifestyle. On the contrary, if peoplemeet in person, they might hang out and take a walk while taking to each other.Though different from doing exercises in gyms, this in person meeting at least enables people to relax and even sweat a little bit.

In addition, during spare time, people could choose to schedule a short trip, dosome exercises, or simply read some books that they are interested in. The above types of activities are beneficial for our physical health, and couldhelp broaden our horizons. In order not to become addicted to social media, it is necessary for us to limit the time we spending on our cell phones as well as the Internet.

Based on the above discussion, people should not spend a lot of time on communication by technologies, such as through social media or with text messages. On the contrary, we could meet in person, which could help us maintain social relationship with others. Besides, we should make use of our leisure time to do some beneficial activities instead of staring at the screen of our cellphonesor computers all the time.


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is difficult to be teachers who are not only popular with students but also can improve their studying efficiency. Use specific reasons and examples or details to support your answer.

At present, a teacher is required not only to know how to teach, but also to be favorable forhis students. Although some people believe educators may have difficulties inachieving this, I personally believe that these two are not mutually exclusive.

In the first place, a teacher who has gained popularity among students must have a personalquality such as being patient to tolerate the students who have made some mistakes, showing enthusiasm in class, being humorous. The most important oneis to love students and to love the course of teaching. As long as he has the innate love for his profession, he may has enormous zest for his students, and become a teacher favored by students. In addition, teachers like this can easily motivate students’ learning interest, thereby promoting working efficiency. That is to say, they are so trustworthy that they can guide and supervise the learners’ study efficiently.

Secondly, only ateacher who have the teaching faculty can help students develop effective and efficient study skill. In order to have this capability, a teacher should acquire enough knowledge. On the one hand, he should acquire the wide knowledge of philosophy, psychology, education (how to teach), culture, history, geography, etc. On the other hand, he must master much deeper theories in his research field. For example, an English teacher should possess the necessary skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, among whichspeaking is of paramount importance. In addition, a good English teacher mayhave the means to activate his class and give students the opportunities topractice English. Only in this way students can use English and improve their communicative competence. Undoubtedly, these teachers who have succeeded inimproving academic performance are favorable for students.

To sum up, based on the reasons I listabove, I would regard teachers would achieve the required goals since the former is the foundation of the latter and without the latter, the former cannot be permanent.


Do you agree that people will feel happier if they have fewer possessions?

Money-worshiping is often condemned and frowned upon. Some people even attribute all the dissatisfaction in our life to the pursuitof personal possessions. They believe that with fewer possessions, people would live a much happier life. However, real life abounds with examples where people do not feel happier or enjoy more emotional well-being when they have fewer personal possessions.

People who are extremely poor will certainly feel unhappy if they are deprived of part of their possessions. These people can barely survive with their current properties and belongings, so if they lose any, theycan hardly sustain their own lives. The Syrian refugees can be a typicalexample. These refugees, when abandoning their home, took little with them. What they have taken with them are normally personal belongings and passports. Should they lose any of them, their life for the following days would be miserable. They might starve if they cannot get food, or they might be denied entrance to the refugee camp if they cannot prove their identity. They would befar from happy when they lose some of their personal belongings.

Similarly, common people will also feel unhappy, if not uneasy when they find their property shrink. Common people, including theworking class and the middle class, may seem to lead a comfortable life with astable income. However, their seemingly comfortable life is often one step awayfrom bankruptcy if the stock market experiences a downturn, or if a family member is diagnosed with a deadly disease. For example, the plunge in the stockmarket in China last year has caused a decrease in property for millions ofstockholders. Many suffered from constant anxiety, others from insomnia. Nevercan we find any claiming to be happy or satisfactory with a shrunk property.Also, countless times have we read news about medical treatment consuming allthe deposits of an average family, leaving them depressed and miserable.

The only exception is probably the billionaires, who are most likely to remain unaffected when facing a reduction in property. The reason is that these people have various assets and businesses, so if one slumps, there are always others on the rise. Their personal possessions are embodied in figures on the bank account, which, if dwindles, tends to creep back some days later. In the meantime, they might even fail to notice thedifference. For example, after having donated more than 30 billion dollars tocharity, Bill Gates remains the richest person in the world for 18 years in arow. Of course he claims to be happy since his donation helps to improve thelife of those in need. However, others, whose possessions reduce only because of financial fluctuation, simply do not care too much.

In conclusion, only those with real assetsand business may remain untouched by a shrink in possessions, others, including the average people and the underprivileged, will feel less happy about the loss of possessions.

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