雅思口语Part One范文

雅思口语考试Part One思路分析:

Vegetables and Fruits 蔬菜水果和水果


What kind of fruit do you like? Why?


There are many fruits that I am love, especially the pineapple. It’s not only because of the famous song called ‘Apple, Pineapple, Pen.” It’s just the flavor that really suits my taste. I usually eat this fruit after playing basketball, you just can’t imagine how comfortable I am when I put it into my mouth.

Did you like to eat fruit when you were a child?


Yes, I loved to eat fruit when I was in the kindergarten. You know, part of the reason is that I love some juice from the fruits, and partly because my mom also told me that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, which really made me feel like I should eat it often to be immune to any diseases.



Yes, I should say fruit is a very essential part of our diet. It has a lot of vitamins that really help our body to be fit. Also, eating some fruits can make our mood better, because we could divert our attention off some troubles by just chewing the apples.

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Fruit & Vegetables高频率难题简介


What’s your favorite vegetable or fruit?

How often do you eat vegetables?

Do you think people should eat more fruit and vegetables?

Is it convenient to buy fruit and vegetables where you live?




What’s your favorite vegetable or fruit?

I enjoy eating all kinds of fruit like plain fruit, tropical fruit or berries. But if you ask me, I think apples should be on the top of my list. I’ve been eating them since I was little because my mom always says that one apple a day can keep the doctor away and it’s essential for a teenager to keep a balanced healthy diet. I don’t know but it’s quite juicy and I enjoy the flavor especially when they are sweet.


plain fruit 纯新鲜水果

tropical fruit 新鲜的热带水果


dried fruit坚果类

flavor 口感:

salty 咸的



spicy or hot辣的

sour 酸的


做为一个Information question而言,第一个要留意的就是说how often,问的是頻率.随后人们能够聊一下那样做的益处是啥,也就是说后边人们要解决的哪个需不需要多吃的缘故.


How often do you eat vegetables?

I do have them on a daily basis because I suppose it’s quite a healthy habit and I can benefit a lot form them like necessary vitamins and keeping me energetic. I also have a sweet tooth so tomatoes with sugar is absolutely my cup of tea. I eat them almost every day in summer.


频度副词相对而言是有现的,人们需灵活运用的有always, usually, often, sometimes, hardly ever, never等.更进阶一点的表述能够是constantly, frequently, occasionally,from time to time, rarely等.另外留意,针对回应How often…的题目左右的词却一些模棱两可,假如必须,人们应当保证更加精确地表述“次”的定义.例如every day,或许更强的表述是 on a daily/weekly basis!也有例如,once a week, twice a month, three times a year这些.




Do you think people should eat more fruit and vegetables?

There is no doubt. They are essential for our bodies and beneficial for our health because there are a great source of vitamins and natural sugars. Eating fruits gives people a great deal of high quality nutrition.


be essential for 对什么叫不可或缺的

be beneficial for 对什么叫有好处的



minerals 矿物




Is it convenient to buy fruit and vegetables where you live?

Yes. I can buy them at a local farmers market within spitting distance, but perfectly ripe fruit is often not an option. I mean, I have to ripen them and wait for several days at home just like kiwi fruit. In addition, the supermarket online is an alternative. You know, nowadays, people can just buy almost everything from the Internet and I guarantee you they are totally fresh and sometimes cheaper than you think.


within spitting/walking distance 行走就会到的地区

ripen 使完善

alternative 可提供选择的事情

guarantee 确保

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雅思Part2 &3话题分类简介


1.A famous person that you are interested in

2.An interesting neighbour

3.The politest person you know

4.A family member made you proud

5.A wiser person who gave a clever solution to a problem

6.A helpful person in work or study

7.A family member who has had important influence on you

8.A new friend you 've made recently

9.A person that made you laugh

10.Two people you know from the same family

11。A couple you know who have a happy marriage


1.A kind of foreign food you have had

2.Your favourite piece of clothing

3.A piece of art

4.A important plant in your country

5.An important invention which has changed our life


1.A new/exciting activity that you want to try for the first time

2.A sport game you 've watched

3.An interesting speech that you were given

4.An experience that you are not allowed to use your mobile phone

5.An occasion that you received good service from a restaurant or shop

6.A meal (dinner or lunch) you would like to have

7/。A plan in your life (not related to work or study)

8.Something you want to do for a long time but haven 't done yet

9.A holiday you want to go on in the future

10.A time when you had a free gift

11。A bicycle/motorbike/car trip that is interesting

12.An enjoyable experience in your childhood

13。An activity near water

14.A challenging experience

15。A time you went to a crowded place

16。A time you had good experience in the countryside

17.A kind of weather you like

18.An experience you spend your time with a child

19。A time you had to wait for something

20。A well-paid job that you want to have in the future

21。A decision made by others that you disagreed with

22。An interesting conversation you had with a stranger

23。An occasion that you had a special cake

24。A time when lots of people were smiling

25 岁。A time you moved to a new place or school

26.An English lesson you had

27。A team project for study or entertainment

28。A time you need to arrive early

29。A recent change of yourself

30 岁。An event in history in your country

31。A big company or organization you know


1.A quiet place

2.A cafe/restaurant you have been to

3.A city you 've been to

4.A popular place where people like to go swimming

5.A shop that just opened in your hometown

6.An interesting house or apartment you visited


1.Your favourite movie

2.A website you like to visit

3.A book you want to read again

4.An interesting song

5.A favourite song of yours = 4

6.A piece of good news you heard from TV or the Internet

7/。A TV series or drama you enjoy watching

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