Nowadays people normally stretch their work hours and get stressed than before. What are the reasons for this? What employers can do to make people’s life easier?



These days, workers usually have to extend their working hours beyond the conventional 9 to 5 period. This, in turn, creates negative side effects on the employees, both psychologically and physically. Let me examine the reasons for this stress at the workplace, and provide some measures that employers could take in order to change the existing lifestyle of the employees into a happier one.

如今,员工一般 迫不得已在传统式的朝九晚五以外增加自身的工作時间.这从而会对员工的人体和心理状态造成消沉的危害.我能查验一些造成工作场地工作压力的缘故,而且出示一些雇主能够采用的对策,而求聘员如今的生活方法可以变得越来越幸福快乐一些.

To begin with, one of the major reasons, which make working-class people fall into a stressful life, is the heavy workload. An excessive amount of work is given to the workers from the employers’ side to finish the project in time. However, this article is from Laokaoya website, another reason is that, from the employees’ point of view, they need to secure the work by showing better performance, and also they are in a place to work for incentives in this world of skyrocketing consumer goods price. To illustrate this, a rising number of corporations offer several awards for the best performers. This, in turn, stimulates workers to work extra hours to achieve their targets. Alternatively, the employees could apply smart work approach instead of hard work, thus it would decrease the long working hours.

最先,使职工阶级深陷工作压力当中的最关键缘故之一是繁杂的工作.雇主一般 会给与聘员超额的工作,并规定她们在给出時间内进行.殊不知,从聘员的视角看来,另一个缘故是她们必须主要表现的更佳来挽救工作,另外她们也必须勤奋工作紧跟这世界上涨的日用品价钱.比如,愈来愈多的企业为主要表现最好是的员工出示各种各样荣誉奖.这相反会刺激性员工增加工作時间来保持她们的总体目标.另一方面,员工能够采用不错的工作方法替代勤奋工作,并降低较长的工作時间.

Nevertheless, there are various measures that company directors could take to ease the lives of many. First and foremost, they could hire more employees, as the work burden can be shared among them. Moreover, bosses must take projects from the clients within a certain limit with respect to the manpower they possess. For instance, Google, an internet giant company, renders many recreational activities, such as meditation and gym at the workplace which make their employees happier people at work, according to a recent survey. These actions are the need of the hour in every organization since they help to get rid of tension, stress, and pressure, and provide great relief.

殊不知,企业的负责人能够采用多种多样对策来缓解很多人 的工作压力.最先都是最关键的是,她们能够聘请大量的员工,进而分摊厚重的工作量.除此之外,老总务必对从顾客那边收到的新项目给予限定,详细情况依据其所有着的人力资源管理来决策.比如,Google,一家大中型互联网企业,设定了很多休闲活动,例如观呼吸及其在工作场地开设健身会所,令其大家工作起來更为开心.这种对策更是如今每一 企业所必须的,由于他们能够协助解决焦虑不安、工作压力与精神压力,并出示巨大的释放压力.

In conclusion, smart work by the employees and additional employee benefits offered by the employers not only facilitate people’s lives in a better way but also decrease working hours significantly. Therefore, I believe that happier employees and lenient employers would increase productivity to a greater extent.


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Task:Many people fail to achieve a balance between work and the other parts of life. What causes the situation? How to overcome this problem?


1. 本质的缘故之一取决于,极大的工作市场竞争和工作压力让大家变为工作狂.以便挽救瓷碗,她们迫不得已长期的加班,汇报工作,来保证她们在工作上带一个好的主要表现,也主要表现出她们针对企业的奉献和忠实.

2. 此外一个缘故取决于,高新科技不断提升着大家的工作量和工作预估.举例说明,灯泡的创造发明让职工们在夜里加班变成将会;手机上也模糊不清了工作和歇息的界线,让大家在个人時间,礼拜天,乃至是外出度假旅游的那时候,也一直收到有关工作的短消息和标示,这让她们没法顾及自身的歇息和照料家中.

3. 怎样修复工作和生活的均衡,在于以下好多个层面:最先,企业应当出示终生的工作合同书,这能降低职工针对失业的害怕和工作压力,也让她们可以一些集中注意力用作本人生活.除此之外,工作時间应当被严控,严禁深更半夜和礼拜天的加班.除此之外,大家在个人時间的那时候,也应当杜绝这些通信专用工具,要不然自身被工作信息内容所困惑.


Nowadays, there has been a heated social trend that the whole life of people tends to be surrounded by work, so that they are lack of time for the personal lives. In the following words, I will give possible relevant causes and solutions to this social issue.

This phenomenon stems from many causes, and the first one is about employment. In fact, limited job positions, in conjunction with the overpopulation and a declined economy, make the job competition increasingly fierce. For the security of jobs, all employees have to devote themselves into work to keep a good performance. Besides, working hard also represents their loyalty and values to the companies.

Another direct cause is driven by new technologies which serve a function of enhancing the working expectation among employees today. For example, the invention of electronic lights has made working at night available for workers, thus prolonging the work time. Similarly, the wide application of cell phones blurs the border between working and living. In leisure time of weekends and holidays, calls and messages from the companies, leaders of workplaces and clients frequently interrupt and even cancel the leisure plans of employees, as well as stealing their private time that could be spent on the family, children, and parties with friends.

In order to recover a balance between working and living, I think there should be combinative efforts of social laws, companies and individuals. Firstly, it is the responsibility of the government to strictly enact and carry out the laws of limiting the number of working hours in all positions of companies, which can ensure that employees have enough private time for leisure, exercise and family. Secondly, on the level of companies, they should provide life-long contracts, instead of temporary ones, to staff. Under a long-term security of employment, workers would get rid of the fear of losing jobs, and can devote themselves into working in moderation, rather than becoming workaholics. Lastly, employees should change a work-oriented lifestyle after a hard day at work, for example, ignoring emails, text messages and instructions sent from companies, which is a good way helping them to shift their concentration from working back to living.

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d.写作范例要用心 科学研究解析好的范例的写作构思 ,论点论据是如何明确提出来的,supporting ideas是如何进行的?针对词汇和句式适度学习培训就可以.

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