Describea time that you forgot something important.
You should say:
When this happened;
What you forgot to do;
Who you were with;
and what consequences you faced.



哪些的事情是关键的,那要看着你如何去讲过,例如forgot my keys , forgot to water my plants,或是更关键的事情, 例如:forgot the flight, forgot father’s day, forgot my mother’s birthday



它是一道恶性事件题,会考察到大伙儿的时态表述,在确保声音速度适度沒有过多间断的前提条件下也要确保时态基础精确,事实上还是挺有难度系数的,早已产生了的事情必定要涉及 过去时 ,要留意-ed方式和不规律的动词过去式.






somehow 不知道如何地

revision 备考

hearty meal 丰厚的一餐

piss off 发火

carelessness 粗心大意


I forgot my mother’s birthday last year. That was the most unthinkable thing for me because I had never forgotten her birthday before. It was actually the time really close to my final exam and I was preparing for it. I thought I wouldn’t forget her birthday and I planed to make her a cake and prepare a hearty meal for her. But I forgot it somehow just on the birthday. I was really busy with my revisions and stuff. When I got home after school my dad reminded me of her birthday. The very first thing I did was that I wrote a sorry card to her. I made a list of all the reason I was glad I got her as a mother and put it in the card. Mom wasn’t really upset.

I actually know there are plenty of things I am allowed to forget. I can forget to feed my dog. I can forget my keys. I can forget the location of my favorite restaurant. But one thing I shall never forget is her birthday. For my mother, her family is everything and she rarely gets angry or shouts at us when she pisses off. I was terribly sorry for my carelessness. And I’ve certainly never forgotten my parents’ birthday since then.

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forget things

1 What kinds of things do you have to bring when you go out

2 Did you ever forget to bring something?

3 How do you remind yourself?

4 Do you carry different things in the morning and in the evening?







1.What kind of things do you have to bring when you go out?

Cell phone, of course. I take it with me wherever I go. And my keys, wallet, lipstick are also must-have items. I always put them together in a small handbag.



2.Did you ever forget to bring something?

I rarely forget to bring something as I have a good memory. But there was a time when I forgot to take my house key before I left home. What was worse, my parents were on their trip. So I had to stay with my friend for one night.



3.How do you remind yourself?

I always write a note about whatI should bring, and stick it to therefrigerator door. Everydaybefore I leave my home, I checkit to find out what is missing. And it really works.



4.Do you carry different things in the morning and in the evening?

For me, there is no difference between the things carried in the morning and in the evening, almost the same.



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雅思口语Part 2范文


Describe something you once forgot to do.

You should say:

what you forgot to do

when this happened

where it happened

and explain why you forgot to do this.


Ok then, well what I’ve decided to talk about is the time I forgot to wish happy birthday to one of my friends,which I feel really bad about, not least because he always remembers my birthday.

Anyway, as for when this happened, well I suppose it must have been about three or four weeks ago, so it wasn’t all that long ago. And basically what happened was that I was in the middle of preparing for my university exams, so I had quite a lot on my mind, as you can probably imagine. And it was only when my friend texted me a few days later that I suddenly remembered it was his birthday. So I called him straight away and wished him a belated happy birthday, coz you know, “better late than never”!

And he was really good about it, you know, he told me not to worry, and said that birthdays are no big deal, so he wasn’t fussed about it. But as I said earlier, I still felt pretty bad about it, and so I told him I’d try to make it up to him somehow.

So yeah, I guess that’s pretty much all there is to say really, and hopefully in the future, I’ll get better at remembering peoples’ birthdays!


Not least because – 特别是在由于

basically what happened was that – 产生的大部分就是说…

I was in the middle of… - 那时候我已经……

I had a lot on my mind - 有许多心思

Text – 发信息

Belated – 晚来的

“Better late than never” - 迟做比不搞好; 亡羊补牢

Not fussed – 不在乎

No big deal – 这些都是小问题的

Make it up to someone - 赔偿

I guess that’s pretty much all there is to say really - 能说的类似就这一!(here really means: (放到句中表达不那麼明确)确实,還是 People sometimes add really to statements in order to make them less definite and more uncertain.)

Other useful phrases:

I was in hurry

I completely forgot!

I somehow forgot - 不知道何因,我忘了

I can’t believe how stupid I was to forget!

It was really silly of me (to forget)

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