Describe a time you made a complaint and were satisfied with the result.







You should say:

who you complained to;

what you complained about;

why you complained; 

and explain how you felt about the result. 


I suppose I am the type of person who is pretty easygoing and I seldom complained about the service  offered by some shops or companies as long as the goods or service I bought was not so extreme. While, a couple of months ago, I firstly and formally complained about a delivery company whose name is Shentong.


Well, it is a long story but I will make it short. In my daily life I use different delivery service from many companies , such as shunfeng,Jingdong as their delivery speed is remarkable among their counterparts. However, when it comes to purchasing in Taobao, an e-commerce juggernaut in our country,  the question is the customers could not choose the fast delivery company but accept the arrangement from the shops. It was about two months ago, I was looking forward a dress because I needed wear it to attend my brother's wedding, so I spent two hours to find one and the shop owner told me the delivery company she used was Shunfeng. Finally I got one in that shop. What surprised me was when I received the announcement  from Taobao delivery system, I found it was not Shunfeng, but Shentong whose reputation was not good as the former. What was worse, although it promised only three days for delivery, I waited for the dress  for over one week and you know, the shop locates in Zhejiang and I live in Shanghai. Even if I bought something from Tibet, I would receive it within a week. At last ,I checked the information from the website belonged to that company and called their custom service to complain theirs slow speed, they promised me they would track my package. The result was I received my cloth after two days and the custom service called my again to apologized about their delay.


For their apology and the feedback for my complaint, I would say not bad. I was glad that I could wear the dress and didn't miss the wedding after all. If you ask will I use this company again? My answer is a definite NO, because I don't want to spend my time on refreshing the site and waiting for the custom service again and again.


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